***WARNING*** I’m walking into a minefield, and messing with some stuff that even makes me a bit uncomfortable. A while back I read a quote that I've been thinking about. It says... All caricatures of God which ignore His intense hatred for sin reveal more about man than about God. In a moral universe God... Continue Reading →

A New Marshal in Town

  It occurred to me this morning that for most of my life I had no understanding of the difference between living under the law and under grace. To me, they were two parts of the whole. It was like Jesus' death covered my death so that I wouldn't die (eternal torment in hell), but... Continue Reading →

My Prayer”

The past several days I have felt deeply burdened for the many people I know who are experiencing some kind of pain and difficulty in their life. I tried to pray, but couldn't come up with the words that expressed my heart. I know God knows my heart, so the words don't really matter, but... Continue Reading →


Theology. Some people live for it. But a lot of people die from it. ~Me I think a major mistake the institution of church has made throughout the last several decades, and even centuries, is in giving people with the idea that "correct theology" can be packaged in a nice little box that is filled... Continue Reading →

A Courageous Coward

I’ve been thinking about the apostle Peter today as “Good Friday” approaches. It’s easy to be critical of Peter for his actions in the hours leading up to the crucifixion of Jesus, but I think he gets a bad rap. I mean, can any of us say we’re any better? In a matter of hours,... Continue Reading →


What is the Word of God? Almost without exception, if you listen to Bible teachers, it is pretty clear that to them, the Word of God is the Bible. Is the Bible the Word of God though? I think this question is a bit more complex than what it may seem on the surface. I... Continue Reading →


I saw a blog post some time ago called "Christian, Stop Telling Me God is in Control" and it got me thinking about the times someone has said it to me...and the times I've regretfully said it to others. The honest truth is that, while we may be well intended, saying "God is in control"... Continue Reading →


"Preventing the persecution of self through the persecution others is the persecution of self." We're all aware of the massive challenge the world faces with refugees from all around the world. I admit, there are difficult questions to answer. - What do we do with them? - Can we bear the burden of caring for... Continue Reading →


“We are undeserving of God’s love." I’ve heard it all my life. You may have, too. On one hand, I get it...but on the other, it seems to be a completely ludicrous assertion. Question: Are you deserving of my love? Am I deserving of yours? Human love is an interesting thing. We tend to dispense... Continue Reading →

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